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[Message from CEO]


Speaking of Niigata, food is delicious.

Niigata is a food treasure trove where unique companies and groups that produce a wide variety of foods, from agricultural produce to processed foods.

Minami-ku, Niigata City (formerly Shirane City), where our company is located, is famous for the big kite festival, and it is also a large production area of ​​rice, vegetable, fruit, especially the granary area famous for producing grapes, peaches and pears nationwide. is.

It is due to the soil of the Kambara plain carried from the Shinano river, which is the longest river in Japan, and the Nakanoguchi river, which is a tributary of the river, and the abundant water source that is not depleted even in summer.

In this area, we will continue to make efforts every day to cooperate with suppliers and business partners, centering on Shiratama flakes that we have been making since our founding, and to help everyone's rich diet with processed rice foods.


Faithfully improve quality
Shiratama flakes has been treated as a high-class product among Japanese confectionery flours because it takes a lot of time to mill.
In the old days, it is also called "KANZARASHIKO" because it was made by exposing it to cold water during the harsh winter.
Shiratama and Sweet Mochi made from Shiratama flakes have been loved by a wide range of generations for a long time from high-class Japanese confectionery to Japanese-Western sweets as familiar home-cooked foods due to their gentle taste and “mochiri-tsurun” texture.
The ingredients used are glutinous rice and water, which is extremely simple.
However, the customer's Japanese sweets master who uses it everyday will be scolded as soon as the quality is slightly different.
Therefore, no compromises can be made on the materials and manufacturing methods. We continue to refine our traditional milling technology while receiving delicious rice and abundant water in Niigata, one of the best processed rice products in Japan.
Shiratama mochi



We are proposing a product that has been re-arranged in a modern time-saving manner using “improved Shiratama” as a Pre-cooked Shiratama mochi...just heat up in a microwave, which was popular as a school lunch for children during the Showa period.

Korean rice cake



Utilizing Shirotamachi's manufacturing technology, we also manufacture Korean rice sticks" Toppogi and Tokku " for professional supply.


There are also small packs to add

on some meal kits.

Please contact us.

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