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We accept OEM and PB for Japanese confectionery craftsmen, hotels and restaurants, manufacturing industries.
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Purple package​
100% Japonica glutinous rice
Gives soft and smooth texture.
Vermilion package​
100% Thai glutinous rice
Gives solid, slightly resilient texture.

Shiratama-Ko "Toku"

It is 100% fair and soft, blended with top two brand glutinous rice "WATABOUSHI"and "KOGANEMOVHI" it makes exclusively smooth and white Shiratama-Mochi, rice cake and as a confectionery material which ad silly mochi texture.

Yukimuro Shiratama-Ko

The glutinous rice harvested in autumn is processed into Shiratama-Ko at the coldest time of Winter, and stored in the eco-friendly natural snow refrigerator. It is only possible to differentiate itself with "YUKIMURO" it makes the bright Shiratama-Mochil with fair complexion.

Shiratama-Ko "Jo"

Shiratama-Ko (Water Milled Glutinous Rice Flakes) it's made of domestic rice glutinous rice, which is mainly made from Niigata glutinous rice and Akita glutinous rice, and is balanced with elasticity.

Gymuyo Shiratama-Ko"Jo"

Shiratama-Ko (Water Milled Glutinous Rice Flakes) 100% domestic glutinous rice, It is Shiratama-ko of reasonable price.

Shiratama-Ko "Nami"

Shiratama-Ko (Water Milled Glutinous Rice Flakes) It's   made from Thai Indica rice. The color is slightly yellow, but it is very resilient.

Shiratama-Ko Micro Powder

Because of the unique manufacturing process of Shiratama-Ko, which is water grinding, dehydrate, coarse grinding, and air blow drying the out come of flake shapes so, we have processed the powder with a further step and effort to make it into  powder, It is suitable for mixing powder + powder with cake mixture... etc.

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