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Product name: Shiratama powder (Niigata) 180g

We blended Niigata's Wataboshi and Koganemochi into a small bag for home use with the finest white shiratama powder for Japanese confectionery masters.

It is finished in soft and smooth SHIRATAMA and GyuhiMochi(Sweet -moch)i.

JAN 4573486440043



Product name: White ball 200g

A stick-shaped instant shiratamal packed in a tube.
It's a simple and delicious instant shiratama that you can cut into the desired size and boil.
It is also delicious if you bake it as a stick, add sugar soy sauce, or roll it with Sun dried seaweed.

JAN 4573486440050



Product name: Shiratama mochi 250g

It is a product that has been re-arranged into a time-saving modern age as the pre-cooked Shiratama mochi, which was popular as a school lunch for children during the Showa era and was popular as a school lunch dessert.



JAN 4573486440463



Product name: Shiratama flour let's make SHIRATAMA with tofu


Hidden popular recipes that ... It is Shiratama Flour in a special package of tofu shiratama to spread "Tofu Shiratama" which is kneaded with tofu instead of water. Shiratama Flakes is processed into powder, so it melts in tofu easilyl!
Since it is a powder, it is easy to mix powder with powder such as cake mix, so it is easier to use as a confectionery material for Western confectionery than the conventional shiratama flakes.

JAN 4573486440135

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