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Shiratama flakes is not just rice flour made by simply grinding glutinous rice with a machine.
Soak it in cold water the day before, and in the early morning and sunrise, grind it with a stone mill while pouring it with plenty of water, then pump the milled liquid rice in a dehydrator, crush the dehydrated lumps into fine pieces, and slowly blow warm air on it for about an hour..
Because it takes so much time to mill, it has been treated as a high-grade product among Japanese confectionery powders.
Long time ago, Shiratama flakes made by exposing it to cold water during the harsh winters, it is also known as "Kanzarashiko".
Because it takes so much time and effort in the manufacturing process, the user can easily knead it with water and boil it to create a "Silky smooth" pure white ball.
And Shiratama flakes can be stored for a long time as a "KANBUTSU"(Kind of Sun dried foods).

"-Most of the KANBUTSU has been dried or processed by fresh cultivated cereals, fruits, and seaweeds, and stored by our ancestors through experience and hard work over the past thousands of years. Needless to say, it has become an expedient for traveling and has occupy an important place in Japan as a food item. ~ It was a progressive food and a pioneering food in each era ~ "
(Excerpt from "Knowledge of KANBUTSU" = its nutritional value and cooking method =" issued by Osaka KANBUSTU Trade Association on November 25, 1965)
Shiratamako is also one of the historical dry food cultures familiar to us at home, and we will continue to develop and propose products based on the theme of "delicious", "fun", "old and new", and  "Niigata" through Shiratama products.

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